URLs du Jour -- 1/4/2006

  • James Joyner has a Good Article at TCS Daily on the Markos Moulitsas rant I mentioned yesterday. The title is "The Triumph of 'Angry and Stupid'".
  • Long long ago, when I was working at ComputerLand in Rockville Maryland, I sold James Galbraith (son of John Kenneth) an Apple ][ computer. A nice guy, but ever since then, when his name has cropped up in various publications, I've been invariably disappointed. Latest data point is his Mother Jones column, in which he tries to link that icky non-scientific "Intelligent Design" with Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand", and (by extension) anyone else who has a laissez-faire bent. This nonsense is ably dissected at TCS Daily by Max Borders.
  • From the I-didn't-know-that file, Ann Althouse reveals: Dion married "Runaround Sue." They're still married. This unusual behavior is in contrast to, say, Johnny Cash.

    If your reaction to this item is: "Dion? You mean Celine Dion? Married someone named Sue?" Just move along to the next item, youngster.