URLs du Jour -- 1/6/2006

  • God save us from those who claim to know the mind and methods of God.
  • Are you a Communist dictator trying to prevent dangerous ideas about freedom and democracy from getting into your country? Hey, you've got a willing partner at Microsoft.
  • The Florida Supreme Court (SCOFLA) struck down the state's school voucher program; Ted Frank at Point of Law doesn't think much of the decision, which, Ted says, was reached "by manufacturing a nonsensical interpretation of a state constitutional clause out of thin air." Constrained Katie has more.
  • Are your phone records for sale? Find out the exciting answer in this Chicago Sun-Times story headlined "Your phone records are for sale".
  • [And now for something completely different … ] A lively subculture debates Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Asking the Google about "'Death Star' vs. Enterprise" gives 42,600 hits.

    Most seem to think the Death Star would win in a walk. But (dude!) just look at the screen history: Death Stars had two appearances, and a pretty mangy crew of Rebels blew it up both times. The Enterprise (in its various forms) has been in dozens of serious shoot-'em-ups, and always manages to come out on top (albeit blowing itself up once, in Search for Spock, and a post-victory crashlanding in Generations).

    In short: the Enterprise guys always seem to find a way to win; the Death Star guys always seem to find a way to lose. Smart money's on the Enterprise.