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  • If you're interested in how Alito's confirmation hearings are going, Prof Bainbridge should be one of your primary go-tos. Just click and start scrollin'. But two nuggets I especially liked: this one (to which everyone's been linking, because it's hilarious) and this (more serious) one that describes why the Democrats are having such a hard time getting traction with their critical questioning:
    … even I know that a basic rule of examining a witness is to [let the] witness talk. In order to hang a witness, after all, you've got to give him enough rope. Instead of letting Alito talk and, perhaps, twist slowly in the wind, the Democrats (and the GOP too, of course) simply can't shut up.
    Fortunately or not, asking a Senator to be brief is somewhat akin in difficulty to asking a cat to chirp like a canary. AnkleBitingPundits has actually (and with a certain amount of glee) done the math.
  • Also Soxblog is back after a couple weeks of light posting. Especially good is yesterday's Spanning the Globe, in which the phrase "the fashionable Boston suburb of Fall River" is used. This made milk come out of my nose—and I wasn't even drinking milk. (Mrs. Salad is from Fall River. We used to go there all the time. With any luck, we'll never have to go back.)

    Also good is his mention of Kate O'Beirne's Women Who Make the World Worse and his noting of the major snitfest it caused at the Kos site.

    One of the things that makes liberals so much fun to goad is it's so damn easy and so damn predictable.
    So damn true, in my humble experience.
  • Eric Raymond's reply to the previously-mentioned Jaron Lanier's Cato Unbound essay is up and running. Lead para:
    I'm finding it difficult to reply to Jaron Lanier's essay, because I'm finding it difficult to extract an actual point from the text.
    Devoted Pun Salad readers will recall my own reaction was similar.

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