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  • Stuart Buck has the goods on the all-powerful president assuming monarchial powers, refusing to enforce legislation passed by Congress! But: oops, wrong president.
  • Maybe someday I will shut up about 24. But not today, as there is a pretty good article at Slate where James Surowiecki interviews 24 writer Michael Loceff.

    Once, just once, I'd like to hear the following dialog on the show:

    "I'm kind of busy. Can this wait until tomorrow?"
    "Oh, sure. Sorry."

    Could be worse. I could be an American Idol fan.

  • Added to the linklist at right: the rabid Ankle-Biting Pundits; the gentle libertarian philosopher/economist David Friedman; the Liberty and Power blog at History News Network; and two blogs I think are based up in the lakes region of the great state of New Hampshire: Weekend Pundit amd John Stark Review. Any blog named after John Stark is an automatic must-read for me.

    Brief history lesson for non-NHers: John Stark is the source for our state motto "Live Free or Die." Which, quite frankly, is the best state motto. (Maryland: "Fatti maschii, parole femine." Roughly translated: "the guys do stuff while the ladies talk." C'mon.)

  • With Michelle Damon gone to the Dark Side with her husband Johnny, Surviving Grady is casting around for an appropriate substitute for the upcoming Red Sox season. Their candidate: Scarlett Johansson. In a wish-I'd-written, they point out, accurately: "she's one of the reasons God invented eyes." As Jerry Remy might say: good call. (Warning: guys, it contains a picture that is only semi-safe for work, and if you're married, might be risky at home too.)

    And Michelle Damon, is not, I repeat not an ex-stripper. Despite anything you may have heard, or seen with your own eyes.

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