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Mostly unserious on this beautiful Saturday in New Hampshire.

  • But first, improve your mind with Cringely's research on the history of national security wiretapping.
    Intercepting communications for purposes of maintaining national security is nothing new. From before Pearl Harbor through 1945, EVERY trans-Atlantic phone call, cable and indeed letter was intercepted in Bermuda by the Coordinator of Information (COI) in the White House and later by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Sir William Stephenson revealed this in his autobiography, A Man Called Intrepid. They literally tapped the undersea cables and shipped all post to Europe through Bermuda, where every single call was monitored, every cable printed out, and every letter opened. FDR and Churchill needed intelligence and they took the steps they needed to get it.
    Via Slashdot.

  • Norm McDonald was right: Germans love David Hasselhoff! But will you? (Via Galley Slaves.)

  • Shadeggelic: 148 hits and climbing. (The Google also asks: "Did you mean: shaggedelic" No!)

  • As the (1971 version) Oompa-Loompas asked: What do you do when your kid is a brat? Now there's an answer: little Veruca may simply be an "Indigo Child". Joanne Jacobs has the bird's-eye lowdown. (Obviously Pun Salad's previous scorn was ineffective in killing this idea. It is easy to overestimate Pun Salad's effectiveness at anything.)

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