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  • In a woeful dereliction of blogger duties, Pun Salad won't be watching, let alone blogging, the State of the Union speech tonight. Can't stand constant applause interruptions, don't much like political rhetoric, even from guys I generally like. Sorry. But Gene Healy has some more substantive reasons to dislike the State of the Union at Cato.

  • Paul at Power Line notes the confirmation of Justice Alito, and also notes the new rules established by the Democrats for confirmation politics:

    Under the Alito rule, Senators will vote against highly qualified nominee for no reason other than that they expect the nominee to rule contrary to their preference on major issues. Under the Alito rule, the president's party, in effect, must control the Senate in order for the president to have top-notch nominees of his choice confirmed. When the the president's party doesn't control the Senate, only compromise nominees acceptable to both parties can expect to be confirmed.

    As I said before: "Good luck with that. Let us know how that works out for you."

    And Sandy O'Connor is on her way back to Arizona. Good for her, good for constitutional jurisprudence.

  • Is it wrong of me to speak the way I do about the Google? Nevertheless: a parody at the Weekly Standard: Googling "human rights" in China. More seriously: James DeLong makes a case that Google is not being evil. See if he convinces you.

  • Speaking of the Google: Someone wound up at Pun Salad after querying "who is the girl in the Bob's Discount Furniture Ads." Really.

    But Pun Salad lives to serve. Look here for the Official Word: her name is Cathy Poulin, she is BDF's Director of Public Relations. Irritating, isn't she? BDF ads are part of the price one has to pay for watching the Red Sox on NESN.

    Suggestion: next time you see Cathy and Bob, imagine you're watching one of these commercials instead.

  • Via Dave, we have a helpful legal tip: if you have outstanding felony arrest warrants, it's probably a bad idea to run for governor of Minnesota as the nominee of the Vampyres, Witches and Pagans party.

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