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  • Prof Bainbridge is disappointed with Weare NH's town meeting that failed to expropriate Justice Souter's house. In his typically lucid and acerbic way, he says:

    Pity. Somebody really needs to give this Court the finger one of these days, if only to remind them that they serve the people instead of the other way around. We've allowed these nine old codgers in robes to be infallible, albeit only because they are final, which inevitably gives them delusions of being a super-legislature empowered to solve all social ills according to whatever personal preferences are shared amongst at least 5 of them.

    In Weare's modest defense: simple easy-going neighborliness (by all accounts) make it difficult for many in the town to confront a longtime resident this way.

  • Scott Adams has—in all seriousness—some excellent advice—I am not kidding—on getting along with your mate. Honest.

  • It's safe to assume a strong correlation between (a) one's geekiness and (b) how interesting one will find in this doc: Notable Properties of Specific Numbers. I spent a lot of time there; the entry for the reciprocal of the fine-structure constant was utterly transfixing. Really. Via GeekPress, of course.

  • And (via the Corner), somebody did actual research to discover:

    Revealing your innermost feelings on the internet is good for you, psychologists said today.

    A study of the phenomenon of blogs - or online diaries - found people writing them feel happier and more organised.

    Note that as far as Pun Salad is concerned, the first paragraph is only tenuously connected to the second. If "innermost feelings" are ever accidentally discharged into this blog, cleanup operations will begin immediately, heartfelt apologies will be issued, and those responsible will be sacked.

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