The Skeleton Key

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This is in the Supernatural Thriller genre, Young Woman in Distress division. Kate Hudson plays the Young Woman. She is hired by an older woman (Gena Rowlands!) to take care of her stroke-impaired husband (John Hurt!) in a decaying creepy mansion in Louisiana bayou country. Everyone there is a little crazy and haunted, save for the old lady's lawyer, who just seems sleazy.

In short order, mysterious and disturbing things start happening to our heroine. If you watch it, I suggest you pay attention to those historical references and flashbacks; if you don't, the ending won't make a lot of sense. Not that it makes a lot of sense if you are paying attention; the plot depends a lot on Kate Hudson doing exactly the things she actually does, but we don't see many compelling reasons for her to do those things.

The MPAA rating advisory says: "Violence, Disturbing Images, Some Partial Nudity, and Thematic Material". What you may be wanting to know: does the partial nudity belong to Kate Hudson? Yes it does. (I would have had to knock off a star or two if it had been Ms. Rowlands.) Said partial nudity is (however) not enough to keep the movie from being rated PG-13.

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