URLs du Jour


  • Dartblog pays attention to what Hamas has been up to after taking control of the Palestinian Authority "parliament": (a) renouncing treaty obligations that recognize Israel's right to exist; (b) demand that Israel continue to send it $42 million each month. Incoherent and violent, a charming combination.

  • Dartblog also points to today's Dilbert, which makes a good point about oil economics while still managing to be funny. You're not going to see Garfield manage that feat anytime soon.

    But it's not all leeching off Dartblog today, although it could be. He's on a tear, just go look.

  • Via Michelle, ma belle, Drudge reports that the beloved Mainstream Media are gearing up for yet another week of Cheney-hunting. Over at HuffnPuff, they're also trying to get a few more yards out of the dead horse of a story, which means they're becoming even more meta; there's been little actual news for days, so they write about the coverage, speculate without evidence, then write about speculating without evidence, then …

    The four-day-old blog entry by Steve Martin is still the top "featured post" as I type. Give them points for honesty, that's been the high point of their coverage. Today's article by Arianna is regrettably typical. She watched Meet the Press, which featured Mary Matalin as a guest. I am not making this up: after savaging Ms. Matalin's sins in jewelry, clothes, and makeup, Arianna decrees that Mary was also "nasty".

    In the meantime, at least 15 actual people were killed in Nigeria by rioting Muslims. As I type, there's a link to the Yahoo! story on the HuffnPuff front page … and that's it. Hamas? Nothing. Yes, never mind that, isn't that blouse Mary Matalin wore just so absolutely dreadful? Over to you, Alec Baldwin and David Mamet …

    Arianna's also quite incredulous that David Gregory, NBC's White House Correspondent, found it necessary to apologize for his Cheney-related heated unprofessional exchange with Scott McLellan earlier in the week. It really is true: when you're on an obsessive Ahab-like crusade, you just don't see how you appear to the non-obsessed. At least Gregory seems to have figured this out. Will Arianna?