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  • No, the University of New Hampshire does not consider "President's Day" to be an actual holiday. Hmph. Thanks for asking, though. In honor of the day, however, you could do worse than check out David Boaz's appreciation of George Washington, who was what we call today a class act.

    Boaz refers to this New Yorker review of David McCullough's 1776 in The New Yorker last year, in which one Joshua Micah Marshall claims that Washington's character "was all a put-on, an act." Marshall apparently thinks that "character" is a given, innate, immutable property that can't be changed, let alone improved, only covered up. Fortunately, Washington knew differently.

    Lee Harris also has a good essay on Washington at Tech Central Station.

  • Of course, not all ex-Presidents compare well with George Washington. For example: is there any anti-American government that Jimmy Carter won't suck up to? The Ankle-Biting Bulldog looks at Carter's recent WaPo op-ed that demands we Play Nice with Hamas and finds it disgraceful. Powerline has more on the upstanding Hamas rulers and concludes:
    Jimmy Carter is the terrorists' useful idiot, the man who, Lenin to the contrary notwithstanding, wants to give (not sell) them the rope.

  • And I remember 44 years ago today pretty darn well. "God Speed, John Glenn."

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