Mr. and Mrs. Smith

[Amazon Link] [2.5 stars] [IMDb Link]

Another movie I'm getting around to seeing relatively belatedly; it turns out I didn't miss that much.

The good: some clever dialog, Vince Vaughn, and a pretty good score. (Maybe I should explain that last: I hardly ever notice movie music, but here the music seemed to fit in pretty well with what was happening on screen.)

(Late addition: I especially liked the line where Mr. Smith describes Mrs. Smith's (imaginary) job as being "like Batman for computers." That's a self-image I'd like to aspire to. Except that Batman gets the crap kicked out of him every so often; I'd like to avoid that part.)

But I seem to have maxed out on cartoon violence, where somehow the good guys manage to avoid getting shot in the head, despite bullets flying thicker than flies at the dump.

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