URLs du Jour


  • Constrained Katie offers a cold shower of reality to those of us with sentimental thoughts of college debating teams issuing careful and nuanced deliberation of all sides of an issue.

    The phrase "high school debate camps" appears, which I found mind-bending. Those must be the kids not cool enough to go to band camp?

  • Another Paul at Power Line notes and debunks what he terms a modified strategy for the Democrats: don't attack Bush's policies, instead constantly whinge about Bush's "incompetence."

    Paul has a long memory, so he properly recollects back to Mike Dukakis claiming "What matters, my friends, is competence, not ideology" when he ran against George HW Bush in 1988. That didn't work out too well for him.

  • Dr. Helen lacks sympathy for Affirmative Actioneers who find that the game can be played to the detriment of their daughters. (Via who else?)

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