Wedding Crashers

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As usual, I'm probably the last person on the planet to see this movie. But on the off chance you haven't: it's very funny, and has an inventive premise, which is adequately captured in the title.

Aside from the premise, it's pretty predictable. All these movies have the point where things are going swimmingly, then it all comes crashing down around our heroes, seemingly irretrievably. It's here too! Old dotty person saying outrageous things? Check! Heroine cannot detect that her boyfriend is a horse's patoot, a fact obvious to everyone else? Check!

Nevertheless, things are still fun to watch even when you see them coming.

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  • OK, I can be cynical at times, but Scott Adams makes me look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. He's a cynic's cynic, even cynical about cynicism. No mortal is immune from his withering glare.

    Hence, when he goes into hero-worship mode, it's impressive. Go read.

  • Staying in the cartoonist theme: say what you will about Jim Davis, but he's a good sport.

  • Thomas Sowell fans won't want to miss this interview from today's Wall Street Journal.

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