Link List Maintenance (and RSS Feed Gripes)

Changes to the link list over there on the right:

  • Added the CEI Open Market blog;

  • Added Will Wilkinson's Happiness & Public Policy blog;

  • Added Lynne Kiesling's and Michael Giberson's Knowledge Problem blog;

  • Removed the Last Throes of Liberalism blog, since it seems to have had its last throe. (You ever notice that 'throes' is much more common than 'throe'? The Google confirms this, with about 6.1M hits for the former, and about 192K for the latter, a ratio of nearly 32 to 1. I guess them throes rarely travel alone.)

  • Updated link target for Shawn Macomber.

  • Added the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, who seem to be a rational bunch, and unaffilated with the New Hampshire Libertarian Party, not that those two things have necessarily anything to do with one another.

  • Carl Schaad changed his blog URL, and has permalinks and RSS feeds at the new location; good for him!

  • Removed Lileks' Screedblog; James has gone screedless for over a whole month. Good for him, bad for us. Hopefully, the Bleat will announce any future Screeds.

All the new/changed links are well worth your browsing.

Did I mention RSS feeds? Yes, I use them to let me know when most of the sites over there post new material. So, not that it matters, but let me get these RSS pet peeves off my chest:

  • Sites that switch syndication feed URLs without notice, leaving the old, stagnant one gathering dust on the floor. Real helpful.

  • Sites whose first entry in their syndication feed is not the latest entry. (I'm talking about you, National Review Online!)

  • Sites that provide non-compliant syndication feeds. Folks, this isn't (too) difficult. Go here and fix what it says to fix.