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  • I'm in full me-too mode with Mickey Kaus today about Ann Coulter's current column.
    However the Duke lacrosse rape case turns out, one lesson that absolutely will not be learned is this: You can severely reduce your chances of having a false accusation of rape leveled against you if you don't hire strange women to come to your house and take their clothes off for money.

    Also, you can severely reduce your chances of being raped if you do not go to strange men's houses and take your clothes off for money. (Does anyone else detect a common thread here?)

    And if you are a girl in Aruba or New York City, among the best ways to avoid being the victim of a horrible crime is to not get drunk in public or go off in a car with men you just met. While we're on the subject of things every 5-year-old should know, I also recommend against dousing yourself in gasoline and striking a match.

    This is the kind of column I am this close (imagine my thumb and forefinger close enough to diffract photons passing between them) to sending off to the Pun Kids as fatherly advice. I won't, however, since there's nothing more off-putting than getting fatherly advice you don't need. And I think (and fervently hope) they don't need it.

  • It's kind of easy to find a "scientific consensus" when you ignore anyone who doesn't go along with it.

  • Prof Volokh continues to be puzzled by the "Bushisms" posted at Slate; the latest being Dubya's "I'm the decider" quote. It's also witlessly mocked at the Huffington Post. For people whose lives don't revolve around Bush-hatred, it's all pretty mystifying.

  • And you may have been wondering: is Moses Paltrow ugly? Find out in this blog post: "Moses Paltrow is Ugly". (Via Galley Slaves.)

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