Scary NH Stares

Crazy Norm Janice Brown at Cow Hampshire, inspired by Daniel Henninger's observation of Justice Souter's "stiff, slightly scary New Hampshire stare", has come up with an entertaining article, accompanied by a poll allowing you to vote on the scariest stare from a selection of Granite Staters.

From her choices, I think it's pretty clearly John Stark, but don't let that influence you; get over there and express your opinion.

I'd like to put in my own plug for our ex-Congressman Norm D'Amours, pictured above. Still crazy after all these years.

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  • Probably the final word on the attempted censorship at Penn State comes from David Bernstein at the Volokh Conspiracy; it is primarily an impressive and impassioned statement from Tuvia Abramson, director of Penn State Hillel. Quote:
    In my 23 years in Hillel on three different campuses, I have not seen an act so blatant as the act of censorship, discrimination, and anti-Semitism like the one which applies to Joshua Stulman.

    This was not a single act. This was systematic abuse and intimidation which was applied by the School of Visual Arts to coerce the student and force him to cancel his art exhibition all because of its political content.

    So there you go. Professor Garoian, Director of Penn State's School of Visual Arts does not come off well at all.

  • David Adesnik asks if Tim Russert would pass Econ 101. My answer: maybe at UNH.

  • If you would like to see if either of your US Senators (a) signed a letter to President Bush letting him know that they would support his veto of a supplemental spending bill and (b) voted for Trent Lott's "Railroad to Nowhere", then check the list at the Club for Growth blog; the members are deemed "duplicitous". Yes, my own Senator Gregg appears. (Our other Senator, John Sununu, signed the letter, voted against Lott's choo-choo.)

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