URLs du Jour


  • Ann Coulter notices CNN's inconsistent treatment of two products with recent price increases outpacing inflation: gasoline and college tuition.
    The only solution to high gas prices considered on CNN was to pay oil company executives less, perhaps by order of the president. But somehow, no one ever suggested that the solution to the high price of college -- far outpacing inflation -- was to pay professors less. In that case, the solution is for the government to subsidize college professors' salaries even more than it already does.

  • Over at Porkbusters, there's a report card on how our Senators voted on the Coburn anti-pork amendments. For NHers: John Sununu is one of the "Anti-Pork Heroes" for (so far) voting for all amendments; Judd Gregg garners a "Not Impressive" score of voting for 1 out of three; the same score (ahem) as the Pork King himself, Robert Byrd.

    It could be worse. Of the three states surrounding NH, 5 out of the 6 Senators were "Maximum Porkers" (Kennedy, Kerry, Collins, Snowe, and Leahy). Only Jeffords of Vermont managed to vote for one anti-pork amendment.

  • And finally, some blogroll additions: Cato's real live blog Cato@Liberty; the occasionally ill-tempered Kip Esquire; and (last but not least) the eminently sensible Tom Hogan and Ryan Lirette have provided Ninth State. All well worth your while.

University Art Censorship du Jour

Brandeis gets into the act. The Boston Globe has more.

In an interesting reversal from the Penn State case, the art in question is by Palestinian teenagers and can fairly be called anti-Israeli. About half the student body at Brandeis is Jewish.

But the common denominator is the spinelessness of the University administrators who find censorship to be the path of least resistance.