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This movie set in 1955 Montana; the town of Northfork is dying, as the dam downriver is about to be completed and put it underwater. Also dying is a sweet little kid named Irwin. (When he's asked for his surname, he replies "Sir Irwin.") The movie follows Irwin around in his deathbed fantasies. (Or are they fantasies?) We also follow around six men who are tasked with making sure everyone has left the town. As might be expected, the people they run across are a colorful lot. And there are angels, who enter and leave town in a shiny DC-3.

The movie has a nice offbeat occasional humor; when a father (played by James Woods) is bemused by something his son, Willis, has said, the screenwriter is not shy about having him say: "What are you talking about, Willis?"

Pleasant surprise: Nick Nolte, playing the local preacher attending to Irwin, can still act. You might want to switch on the captions, though, because I swear about half the stuff he says is in a deep incomprehensible mumble.

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