X-Men: The Last Stand

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Back 35 years or so ago, when I read comic books, The Beast was my favorite X-Man. As good as the first two X-Men movies were, I was always kind of missing him. So it was great to see him finally show up, and even better to have Kelsey Grammer play him to just about perfection.

To further buttress my old-time comic geek credentials: I also noticed Stan Lee's amusing cameo.

Other than that, how was the movie? Well, it's pretty intense. Lots of dyin', and not just the usual bad guys and cannon fodder. They almost go overboard with all the Relevant Social Allegory, but it's mercifully brief, and it's quickly back to things going boom and splat. Besides Grammer, the rest of the cast does their usual first-rate job, especially Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, who can make even the most ludicrous comic-book dialog seem believable.

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