URLs du Jour


  • Racial and sexual discrimination can get you in trouble, even if (a) you're a university, and (b) you're only discriminating against white guys. What is this country coming to? (Via La Shawn.)

  • Charles E. Kupchella, the President of the University of North Dakota (home of the Fighting Sioux) actually has a backbone. He is threatening to sue the NCAA over their pressure on UND to change their logo and nickname, which the NCAA deems "hostile and abusive" toward Native Americans.
    The NCAA leaves us no recourse but to consider litigation to make the point that the policy you have instituted is illegitimate and that it has been applied to the University of North Dakota in an unfair, arbitrary, capricious, fundamentally irrational, and harmful manner.
    President Kupchella makes a clear-headed and straightforward case, remarkably free of the usual educratic linguistic fog; read the whole thing.

    [Since this is Pun Salad, I invite the reader to please make up a witticism involving a play on the words "Sioux" and "sue", and then pretend I actually typed it in here. Thanks in advance.]

  • Professor Volokh vs. Captain Copyright. I'm betting on the prof.

  • The Club for Growth reminds us libertarian-leaning New Hampshirites why we're pretty lucky to have John Sununu in the Senate: he's one of seven Republicans threatening to filibuster a bill restricting the free speech of so-called "527" organizations. (The other six: Allen, Brownback, Coburn, DeMint, Enzi, and Vitter.)

  • Glenn Reynolds demonstrates yet again why he is the One True Blogfather, putting himself in harm's way, posting pictures of the devastation wrought by Republican-caused Tropical Storm Alberto.