URLs du Jour


  • Gene Expression interviews Charles Murray. A number of questions deal with his latest book, In Our Hands, about which I blogged here.

  • Neal McCluskey from Cato@Liberty casts a skeptical eye at whether you really need a postsecondary degree to get a good job, quoting conflicting sources. Sage advice, mixed with a little cynicism:
    The reality is that no one knows: As politicians and economic forecasters have proven time and again, with billions of people worldwide conducting countless business transactions all the time, no one can predict with any certainty what the future will hold. We can, however, confidently predict one thing: Denizens of the ivory tower will themselves get better jobs when increasing numbers of people consume their products, and when politicians give them ever-greater amounts of taxpayer money.These facts, more than anything else, should make everyone suspicious of ubiquitous college-or-bust predictions.
  • Hey, did you hear the joke about the Nobel Peace Prize winner who said she wants to assassinate President Bush?

    Sorry, that wasn't funny.

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