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  • Say you're a famous New York Times reporter, and you want to talk to New Hampshire's Secretary of State, William Gardner, about the scheduling of the the state's 2008 Presidential Primary. Well, you'd just find the number for a William Gardner somewhere in New Hampshire, right? I mean, in such a dinky state, there couldn't be more than one guy named William Gardner, right?

  • Via Inside Higher Ed: it's being reported that Gregg Turner, former math professor at New Mexico Highlands University has been given $170,000 by the university to (essentially) "please go away without suing us." This follows closely upon payment of $200,000 to former university president Manny Aragon for a similar reason.

    Based on information from a previous story, this makes over $300,000 that NMHU has paid out largely in "diversity"-related lawsuits.

    I haven't mentioned this before, and I haven't noticed anyone else make this connection, but I think this Gregg Turner is the same Gregg Turner who founded the "Angry Samoans" rock band, and was more recently a member of the "Blood Drained Cows". (So, in case it immediately occurred to you that those would both be great names for rock bands: you're corrrect.)

    Gregg (I'm pretty sure the same Gregg) is also kind of a spittle-flecked lefty moonbat. On the Lamont/Lieberman tussle down in CT:

    Defeating Lieberwhore will fire a salvo that could, in turn, detonate the status quo and consolidation of constipated power. I encourage everyone with a whisper of conscience and a ray of expectation that things might turn around, to make, in some substantive way, their presence felt in this primary contest. "If Hitler's Cock could choose it's mate, it would ask for Sharon Tate!" Again, perspicacious those sushi napkins from '81: we gotta get rid of Sharon Tate and send Ned Lamont to the Senate. When that sewage is cleaned up, we deal with Hillary and Feinstein, Biden et al, take back the Democratic party, incarcerate Bush and Cheney and send the rest of the Republican gestapo to day camps with continuous LSD force feeds a la WILD IN THE STREETS... I dream big.
    Of course, maybe he's a really good math teacher. Anyway, he's got some walkaround money now.

  • Tomorrow, June 28, is System Administrator Appreciation Day. I'm giving you advance warning so you can go out and buy the balloons and party hats. As they say: "If you can read this, thank your sysadmin."

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