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  • Shawn Macomber was on a Suffolk County (Mass.) jury deciding the future housing arrangments of Rakeem Young, who shot Cassim Weaver to death on Shabazz Way in Roxbury back in the summer of 2004. Rakeen also inflicted multiple gunshot wounds on Darrell Williams, a passenger in Cassim's parked car. At the American Spectator, Shawn examines the case, the violent subculture of which it was a small symptom, and the indifference of the media and the "progressive" surrounding city. Very much worth reading.

  • The American Library Association will be happy to tell you how much they believe in intellectual freedom and struggle mightily against censorship. Well, unless a book is "potentially incendiary" like Londonistan. Then at least one library will be perfectly happy to self-censor. (Via Power Line.)

    Fortunately, publicity works.

  • If you were drunk enough, do you think you'd start raving in an antisemitic manner? Moxie does the experiment. (Via Raven.)

  • The wish-I'd-written for today goes to Alex Tabarrok:
    The Pentagon is the Post Office with nuclear weapons.
    Read the whole thing™.

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