URLs du Jour


  • On the short list of needed reforms: kill agricultural subsidies. They make no economic sense, are unfriendly to the environment, and exhibit the worst corruption in our political system. Jonah Goldberg expands on that here.

  • The downward spiral of Andrew Sullivan continues apace as he uncritically posts a video claiming to show that "Dick Cheney's version of his shooting Harry Whittington [was] a complete fabrication." The provider is a semi-famous conspiracy theorist nutball. As near as I can tell, not even the Huffington Post was credulous enough to bite on this one.

    Dean Barnett has also had it with Andrew, for a different reason; Lileks agrees, as only he can.

  • Now, I do not have to totally fake being a geek. But if you need to, you'll want to see "How To Totally Fake Being A Geek" from Penguin Pete. (Via—where else—GeekPress.)