Grizzly Man

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A very impressive documentary from Werner Herzog about the doomed Timothy Treadwell. Treadwell was obsessed with Alaskan grizzly bears, and went up there every summer to shoot video for ostensibly educational purposes. And eventually, one of those bears ate him up, along with his girlfriend.

But, as the film makes stunningly clear, Treadwell had long since jumped over the line between endearing eccentricity and dysfunctional lunacy. Herzog is clearly sympathetic toward Treadwell, but he's an honest filmmaker. And he paints Treadwell's eventual destiny to be well nigh inevitable.

A number of Treadwell's friends are interviewed, and a few come off as more than a little nutty as well. But maybe it's an Alaskan thing; even the coroner seems to be, um, on the colorful side too.

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