URLs du Jour


  • Via CfG: a Maryland Senate candidate, tired of boring old issues like national security, taxes, fiscal restraint, etc., simply promises to cure cancer if elected. Because, you know, that's what senators do.

  • There has been a pretty interesting series of posts from Mark Liberman at Language Log, investigating the commonly-seen claim that women use many more words per day than do men. Liberman, despite being plugged into the appropriate research community, can't find any evidence of that claim being true. (Or, for that matter, false.) Mark's latest post is here, with links to previous information. Also notable for quoting the author of a book titled The Princess Bitchface Syndrome: Surviving Adolescent Girls. That is one fine title; either side of the colon would be a fine name for a rock band.

  • Showing up too late to be included in yesterday's Movie linkfest are Scott Adams' paean to the movie mumbles (which is why I pretty much automatically turn on the captions when watching DVDs these days); a salute to John Huston over at the American Spectator, where you'll probably learn some things you didn't know about the old guy (like, if you didn't know he was dead: he is); and Ken Jennings has a movie trivia question that will sear your brain.

  • I made a contribution to yesterday's Best of the Web Today, namely one of the headlines seen in their "Bottom Stories of the Day" feature:
    No Salmonella in Wild Turkey Droppings
    … for some reason, that cracks me up.