URLs du Jour


  • Did you know you can send money to Your Federal Government not because you want to avoid legal unpleasantries, but just because you feel like it? Tim Worstall investigates, and provides you an address to which you can send that check, and how much money has been received into that account recently. (As you might expect, calling the amount "negligible" would be a vast exaggeration.) Tim's reporting leads him to the following conclusion about folks advocating tax increases:
    They mean taxes should rise for you, not that they should rise for them. For if they really did believe that the Federal Government spends money better, more wisely, deserves it more, than they themselves do, wouldn't there be rather more flowing into that account?
    That's my libertarian rant for today.

  • David Weigel notes that many political blogs are showing drops in traffic. But this caught my eye:
    The bloggers who finally establish liberal and conservative sites in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada are going to find themselves incredibly popular come late 2007.
    Well, we'll see how that works out, I guess. (But I always thought these guys and this guy were already incredibly popular.)

  • In the omigod-this-can't-be-true department: Barbara Eden is 72 today. (Or, as Wikipedia notes, maybe 76.) Sheesh.