URLs du Jour


  • The Washington Times editorializes on UNH Prof William Woodward here. Conclusion:

    Most people have come to expect a certain amount of nuttiness from academia and are reconciled to it -- but not when it comes to September 11. Conspiracists can believe whatever they choose in the privacy of their own homes and can proclaim it in lecture halls they rent with their own resources. But don't expect taxpayers to subsidize it. Those who do will get the William Woodward treatment.

    Via Drew Cline.

  • You've probably seen this already, but … aren't anchors supposed to be heavy?

    No amount of photoshopping, however, will make Katie look credible. Sorry.

  • And Orson Scott Card reveals the Psalm of Al:

    1. Great storms ravage our cities, and the wise man saith: Global Warming hath done this.

    2. Drought keepeth all storms at bay, and the wise man saith: This also hath Global Warming done.

    3. Global Warming maketh the oceans rise; it maketh deep snow to fall;

    4. Flood and fire, feast and famine, typhoon and tornado, hail and lightning, all things good and bad that come from sky or sea, Global Warming hath made them all.

    And so on. Via CEI.

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