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  • There's a pretty good article at Inside Higher Ed about 9/11 conspiracy theorists by Scott McLemee (including UNH's own). Among other things, McLemee describes his previous investigation of James Fetzer, who, before he was a 9/11 conspiracy nut, was a JFK assassination conspiracy nut.

    At PhiBetaCons, David French has a pointful comment:

    For the university leftist, trained and conditioned to see America as the root of evil in the world and isolated from the larger national community in their campus enclaves, 9/11 represented a catastrophic blow. And not merely because of the obvious human toll, but because it stood as a horrific and public rebuke to their ideas regarding the virtue of the oppressed and led to a (in their view) terrible turn in domestic politics. It is a short mental trip from hating reality to denying its existence.

  • Why yes, UNH does use Blackboard. Who knew they were so evil? Yeesh.

  • At Wired, Lore Sjöberg creates the Ultimate Blog Post for a number of popular blogs. For example:
    Slashdot: AMD, SCO patent MP3 over TCP/IP, sue ATI, EA. Microsoft probably responsible somehow.
    Cute Overload: A kitten licks a puppy while the puppy licks a bunny.

    Pun Salad is unaccountably omitted, but I think it would look something like:

    Pun Salad: Knock-down analysis of New York Times story demonstrates conclusively that everyone would be better off if all levels of government were 90% smaller. Also, Steve Martin would start making great movies again, and Thomas Sowell would be invited to give the UNH commencement address.

  • Over at "Ain't it Cool News", Quint demands that Fox Studios do something smart with the movie Idiocracy. It's directed and written by Mike Judge, who also directed and wrote Office Space. Despite that pedigree, Fox is apparently reluctant to release the movie in anything more than a handful of theatres. (Via Galley Slaves, where Jonathan V. Last plaintively asks "But shouldn't having made the funniest movie of the decade count for something?" You'd think so; but that's show biz, I guess.)

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