New Hampshire Blog-Con

[blog ticket] To quote the Official Announcement:

Anyone who resides in New Hampshire and maintains a weblog is invited, whether you are a full-time blogger, or a casual blog hobbyist.
Why, technically speaking anyway, that would include me. But don't worry, it looks like some actually interesting people will be there too. If you meet the onerous requirements, and can be in Concord on October 14, click the link and let the organizers know.

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  • The MinuteMan has a pretty good post examining the rhetoric and tactics swirling about the Foley affair. Primary lesson:
    This is the current state of the left - sexual privacy rights for their political opponents are trumped by a desire for power.

  • On the same topic, Libertarian Leanings quotes the WSJ editorializers:
    First to the site as always was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Republican leaders "failed to protect the children in their trust," intoned Parson Pelosi, last seen on this issue voting to revoke the Boy Scouts' charter for its ban on gay scoutmasters.
    … so I will too.

  • I'm not a South Park geek, but in a short post, David Weigel manages to (a) summarize the episode (about gamers); (b) state the take-home point (hardcore gamers are losers); and (c) quote a thread on Ain't It Cool News that perfectly demonstrates point (b). Awesome.

    Catherine Seipp interviews Matt and Trey for NRO.