URLs du Jour


  • Lonely Voices of Sanity Department: Both Matthew Hoy and Ann Althouse quote from David Brooks' remarkable Thursday NYT op-ed on sexual predation double standards, and the even more remarkable response to it today.

    Matthew further observes that (generally speaking) putting the NYT op-edders behind the "Times Select" wall has made them "no longer really part of the national conversation." In the case of David Brooks, that's a loss.

  • I Only Read It For the Articles Department: If you were wondering what Playboy considers to be the "Top 10 Political Blogs", you can check the PDF file which contains (honest, honey) only that information right here. (Via Hit&Run, which as you might guess, is one of the ten. Pun Salad: inexplicably missing.)

  • Whoa, That's Just Too Cool Department: About 240 million miles away from where you and I are sitting, one Mars probe took a picture of another. (Via Slashdot.)

  • Unintentional Revelations Department: In UNH's student newspaper (FRR), David W. Anderson writes in (what he thinks is) support of our local 9/11 conspiracy fantasist:
    The recent attacks on William Woodward in the pages of New Hampshire's conservative newspapers should not be taken seriously. As a professor of psychology, Woodward cannot help but talk about 9/11 in class. The 9/11 attacks left a deep scar on the psyche of many Americans. To understand America's mental health, students of psychology must be exposed to every perspective on the tragedy if they are to provide future patients with effective treatment.
    That's probably the best pro-Woodward argument I've seen yet: it's useful for future shrinks to be exposed to the zany thought processes of "future patients." (I don't think those thought processes actually need to be exemplified by the instructor, mind you, but, hey, I suppose it's arguable.)