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  • Thomas Sowell continues warning against frivolous politics.
    Some people say that there is no point voting because there is no difference between the two major parties, and the other parties have no chance of winning. However, there is a difference: the Republicans are disappointing and the Democrats are dangerous.

  • David Lewis Schaefer is a Poli Sci professor at Holy Cross College, down the road in Worcester, and he makes me very happy that neither Pun Son nor Salad Daughter attends HC. He describes the current status of free expression on the campus, providing a number of quotes from the president, Father Michael McFarland, S.J. which are (frankly) astounding in their blithe illiberlism; it's like reading a bad parody of a worst-nightmare college administrator.

  • And, oh yeah: Aieee! We're all gonna die!.

    It's in Pravda, so you know it's true.

Scary Movie 4

[Amazon Link] [3.5
stars] [IMDb Link]

House pre-empted for baseball +
Red Sox out of the post-season =

Tuesday Night at the Movies!

And what better than a zany laff riot, made by some of the same folks associated with Airplane!, Hot Shots, and Police Squad. The style is: let's throw every possible bad joke, sight gag, and pop culture reference up there on the screen, and if people only laugh at 20% of them, then that still puts us way ahead of, say, Broken Flowers. You either like this sort of thing, or you don't; I do. I'm not proud of it, mind you, but I do.

Cloris Leachman is a pretty good sport, by the way.

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