Reminder: New Hampshire Blog-Con

To quote the Official Announcement (again):

Anyone who resides in New Hampshire and maintains a weblog is invited, whether you are a full-time blogger, or a casual blog hobbyist.

I have it on good authority that this guy and this guy will be there, and probably a bunch more folks I want to meet, greet, and kiss their feet. If you meet the criteria, and you can be in Concord, why not click the link and let the organizers know you're coming?

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  • As if you didn't know where to go by now, here's Part IV of Thomas Sowell's essays on frivolous politics. Sample:
    It is not necessary to denigrate individuals in order to criticize their policies. Unfortunately, there are too many voters -- in both parties -- who act as if choosing whom to vote for is like choosing sides to cheer or boo at a sports event.
    Mea culpa: I find myself doing that at times. (If you missed them: Part I, Part II, and Part III.)

  • A 14-year-old girl in Manchester is arrested for "racism" and spends over three hours in the slammer. Her crime was (allegedly) asking to be reassigned from a classroom discussion group in which most of the members did not speak English.

    That's the Manchester in England, not New Hampshire. Whew! (Via Joanne Jacobs.)

  • Radley Balko is not a huge fan of Janet Reno.
    Janet Reno oversaw and is largely responsible for Waco. She sent armed thugs into the private home of a peaceful family. Janet Reno is responsible for Richa[r]d Jewel and Wen Ho Lee. This is the Janet Reno who as a prosecutor in Florida pursued a number of bogus "recovered memory" cases, and wrongly prosecuted at least one man for child sex abuse, then refused to admit her error, allowing the man to fester in prison for more than a decade.
    Radley's long memory is triggered Ms. Reno's "Champion of Justice" award, given, apparently without irony, by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

  • James Lileks looks at this article in New Scientist entitled "Imagine Earth without people", which, well, imagines what earth would be like without people. James, being the charitable sort, detects a "wistful tone". I, on the other hand, detect the usual stench of environmentalist misanthropy. (James also quotes a decidedly non-wistful comment from the Fark thread about the article.)

  • Whoa. An explosion in a fireworks factory. You've always wanted to know what that would be like, haven't you?

    Now, before you say "cool!": 23 people were killed, including the cameraman who took the later footage. (I know, too late, you already said "cool!", you sick, heartless bastard. Me too.) (Via Galley Slaves, and also Lileks.)

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