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  • Pete du Pont reminds us why Republicans richly deserve to lose:
    Republicans gave line-item veto power to the Democratic president in the 1990s, but refused to give it to the current Republican president. They haven't made the Bush tax cuts permanent. They wouldn't bring individual ownership of Social Security retirement accounts to a vote. They haven't done anything on health care. And they have raised federal spending by $750 billion since 2001 and for fiscal 2006 approved 10,000 earmarks costing $29 billion. Conservative principles seem to have faded away, and ethical principles have weakened--names like DeLay, Ney, and Foley make the point.
    He's also quite dispiriting on the likely outcome should Democrats gain control of the House.

  • For example …

  • Ted Frank reports that the FDA ban on vegemite may be an urban legend. Apologies for yesterday's misinformation. This means that there's one fewer reason to destroy the FDA, still leaving lots of others.

    Plus which, I still can't get that damn song out of my head.

  • Professor Althouse notices Dubya calling the Google "the Google". As if it were something new; Pun Salad has been doing that for over ten months.

  • It drove my mom nuts when people called it "Daylight Savings Time". "It's Daylight Saving Time," she'd point out, correctly. (She was, no doubt, a major source of my own pedantry.) Eric Bakovic at Language Log has a fascinating post covering that issue and much, much more.

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