URLs du Jour


  • The Torch reminisces about the good old days when the University of New Hampshire threw student Tim Garneau out of his dorm for unauthorized free expression. I'd like to think that UNH learned its lesson, but it's probably premature to conclude that.

  • But as long as UNH behaves itself, we have to make fun of other institutions of higher education instead. For example, Phi Beta Cons has detected amusing comments over the border in Vermont: some at Middlebury College are unhappy that a professorship is being created there to honor William Rehnquist, an alumnus. [Oops. No, he's not.] For example, Assistant Professor of Sociology Laurie Essig:

    "There are all sorts of ways of making someone feel insecure, you could punch them in the stomach or you could name a professorship after a justice whose decisions made many people in this country feel less secure," said Essig. "When you name a professorship after someone like [Rehnquist], you commit an act of symbolic violence against people. You make them feel insecure, as if they've been punched in the stomach."

    Fragile flowers at Middlebury!

  • Frankly, higher education-wise, we prefer the cutting edge Diet Coke/Mentos research being carried out at Eepybird U.

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