URLs du What Rules


  • What rules? Well, let's see … The Who, the internet, and capitalism. Not necessarily in that order, but Andrew Roth notes and appreciates a confluence of all that good stuff in a beautiful ad for Cisco.

  • Also ruling today: Ken Jennings' new daughter. Less than a day old, and I understand she can already say "Potent Potables for 200, Alex."

  • All decent folk know that Mike Judge rules, but Fox Studios does not. (I mean that both ways: Fox Studios does not rule, and, not being decent folk, they do not know that Mike Judge rules.) Steve Sailer compares the inexplicable divergence between Fox's handling of Judge's Idiocracy vs. Borat. (Via Jeremy Lott.)

  • And, hey, I rule today, for I submitted this item to Opinion Journal's Best of the Web Today, and it made it in:
    "Official: Politicians Don't Reveal the Truth"--headline, Daily Telegraph (London), Nov. 14
    Although, as I pointed out in my mail, I wasn't sure whether it best fit under "What Would We Do Without Officials?" or "Bottom Stories of the Day". (The BOTW folks went with the former.)

    It's a decent article, for that matter. We proud Americans like to think that we're pretty good at political slanting of research results, but it turns out the Brits are making a run at it as well.