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  • Spam wall True fact: Twitter's outgoing mail servers have the collective hostname of "ham-cannon.twitter.com".

  • Sequester hysteria continues to ramp up. I try to avoid the MSM, but we do have a clock radio tuned to Dover NH's mighty WTSN, and this morning I was treated to this story bewailing the cuts to …

    Professor Laura Niedernhofer at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida believes her team of 40 scientists can find a drug to diminish the impact of old age. The drug won't keep you young, she says, it would make the old less frail.

    "My hypotheses would be that there would actually be drugs that would simultaneously dampen osteoporosis, dementia, maybe some fatigue and muscle wasting all at the same time," she said.

    OH MY GOD. Professor Laura was RIGHT ON THE VERGE of discovering a MIRACLE DRUG that would SAVE US GEEZERS from ALL SORTS OF INFIRMITIES. And all she needed was A BIT MORE GOVERNMENT MONEY, and it would have pushed her RIGHT OVER THE GOAL LINE and SAVED US ALL.

    But now that MIRACLE DRUG will be LOST FOREVER. It's HOPELESS, thanks to the SEQUESTER.

    My modest proposal: any recipient of Federal cash who gripes about the sequester: double sequester for you!.

    And anyone who keeps complaining: triple sequester!

    I should credit this strategy to Richard Vernon of The Breakfast Club.

  • If you haven't seen it already, here's this year's very nice Oscar-winning animated short film (from Disney!):

    And after you watch that, read this for a chuckle.

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