URLs du Jour — Easter 2013

  • Andrew Napolitano Usually, actual religious belief doesn't make it onto the Reason website. But Andrew Napolitano smashes through that barrier with "This Easter, Celebrate Freedom"

    Easter is the linchpin of human existence: With it, life is worth living, no matter its cost or pain. Without it, life is meaningless, no matter its fleeting joys or triumphs. Easter has a meaning that is both incomprehensible and simple. It is incomprehensible that a human being had the freedom to rise from the dead. It is simple because that human being was and is God. Easter means that there is hope for the dead. And if there's hope for the dead, there's hope for the living.

    It's Reason, so fans of meaninglessness crop up in the comments.

  • Speaking of hope, the Red Sox season starts tomorrow in the Bronx. I'm hoping Jackie Bradley, Jr. lives up to his preseason performance (.419 batting average, for example).

  • If you are a Star Trek fan of a Certain Age, and you missed William Shatner's 46-years-later rematch with the Gorn in one of the other eleventy-thousand blogs that had it, here you go:

    If you have no idea what this is about, this Wired article will explain things.

    Speaking of hope—we apparently have a theme today—I hope I'm still as mobile as William Shatner when I'm 82.

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