Dick Harpootles Haley, Again

Nikki Haley Back in 2011, Pun Salad coined the verb "to harpootle", and proposed the rough definition: "to attack someone in a way that reveals the attacker as foolish, petty, vile, and/or stupid."

It was derived from the name of Dick Harpootlian, chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, who attempted to make a big deal over the fact that the (Republican) Governor of South Carolina, Nimrata "Nikki" Randhawa Haley, was listed on SC voter rolls as W, as in White. When obviously, um, at least as evidenced by her name, she is not!

That meaningless "scandal" did nothing but cement the image of Harpootlian as an old white southern pol trying to stir up racial animosity at some uppity minority attempting to "pass."

Dick (or as his friends call him, "Dick") stepped down from his position as SC Dem Chair, but managed to Harpootle one last time on his way out:

South Carolina Democratic party chairman Dick Harpootlian on Friday assured Democrats that next year, their party's challenger will "send Nikki Haley back to wherever the hell she came from."

The linked article also refers to Harpootlian's comment last year about Gov. Haley's interview in a basement television studio. She was, Harpootlian said, "down in the bunker a la Eva Braun."

Last Modified 2013-05-07 5:37 AM EDT