Sleepless Night

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Vincent is a cop who, in concert with a co-worker, rips off a cocaine shipment on its way to Marciano, a local crime lord. Unfortunately, Vincent is recognized by one of the mules; very quickly his son is nabbed by the bad guys, and Marciano lets Vincent know that the price for his release is the return of the illicit goods.

Vincent takes the bagful of coke to Marciano's nightclub, where his son is held. Vincent is tailed by two other cops, who are interested in the heist. What follows is a night-long cat-and-mouse(-and-drugs) game full of deception and violence, all in the midst of innocent-bystander nightclubbing crowds that don't have the slighest idea what's going on.

Oh, did I mention it's French? It's French.

It's OK, but not wonderful.

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