Insane City

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The latest novel from Dave Barry. Yes, of course it's funny. Laugh-out-loud funny in parts.

Seth, the hero, is Dave's Everyman. He's engaged to Tina, daughter of a billionaire. Seth wonders: what does she see in me? The answer is eventually revealed.

The Miami nuptials approach, and complications arise. A Haitian refugee is cast adrift by bandits off the Florida coast, with her young son and infant. Seth's entourage is devoted to getting him drunk and stupid; they succeed beyond their wildest dreams. Add in a number of other colorful characters: the groom's parents, who have developed an intense fondness for magic brownies; the bride's sister, also devoted to the weed; stripper LaDawne with her "agent" Wesley; Duane, who makes his living handling Blossom, a large albino python; Duane's friend Cyndi, famous for participating successfully in Hot Bod contests; and (last but not least) Trevor, a large, amorous orangutan disappointed with his captivity at Primate Encounter.

I could go on, becauseā€¦ there are a lot of characters.

The book is a little slow setting this all up, but eventually things take off, with ever-increasing levels of absurd hilarity. It reminded me very much of the classic movie What's Up Doc?, turned up to 11. (In fact, it's written like a movie, and I was casting roles as I went through.)

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