URLs du Jour — 2014-10-07

Sometimes it seems like all Pun Salad content is about the multiple-front battle by "progressives" to reallocate power from the private/individual sphere to the political/collective sphere. For example…

  • I wish every voter could watch George F. Will speak briefly (5 minutes and 48 seconds) about the illiberal attack on free speech masquerading as "campaign finance reform".

    Especially I wish that every New Hampshire voter even considering voting for Jeanne Shaheen would watch it, after learning that she co-sponsored and voted for Senate Joint Resolution 19, a Constitutional amendment that would trample free speech in the name of "campaign finance reform". She should be electorally retired, come home to Madbury, and write her memoirs. (Suggested title: How I Wish I Could Figure Out a Way to Make My Political Opponents Shut UP!)

  • Mr. Will's opinions are considered too controversial for the delicate ears of the ladies of Scripps College. Apparently "Disinvitation Season" is starting early this year. (Or perhaps running late.)

    Ed Morrissey digs out Scripps' "Core curriculum" description that promises to "encourage students to think critically and challenge ideas." Just, y'know, not icky ones.

  • Kevin D. Williamson writes "They Are Coming for Your Children", about the effort in Connecticut to suppress the home-schoolers, using Sandy Hook as a pretext. Kevin puts it together:

    Contrary to the crude cartoon of them, home-schooling families are a motley bunch, including everybody from heartland Evangelicals to Brooklyn’s quinoa-and-yoga set. Many of them are amused and surprised when I describe them as “radicals,” but that is what they are — people who have told the state that they’ll pay their taxes but are not handing over their children, that they will render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s but not a mite more. Home-schooling isn’t for everybody, but every home-school student, like every firearm in private hands, is a quiet little declaration of independence. It’s no accident that the people who want to seize your guns are also the ones who want to seize your children. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s desire to imprison people who hold the wrong views on climate change and Harry Reid’s plot to gut the Bill of Rights are not aberrations in an otherwise genuinely liberal agenda; the Left desires to put every aspect of every human life under political discipline, from which history books your children read to what kind of cheese you eat.

    Kevin's more than a tad irritated, and he is a wonderful writer when irritated.