URLs du Jour - 2014-10-22

  • Blood pressure too low? Well, Senator/Doctor Tom Coburn has released the final edition of his annual Wastebook, detailing 100 examples of how the Federal Government fritters away your money. And that will get those diastolic and systolic numbers right up there.

    Many are small potatoes ($25K to UCLA for an undergraduate course exploring “the nature of human laughter and humor”), some are huge ($4.2 billion lost on bogus tax returns, while the IRS spends time trying to intimidate conservative 501(c)(4) groups) The bottom line is: the Feds have no right to complain about having enough money to develop vaccines and build bridges as long as stuff like this is going on.

  • Next time someone tells you not to worry about self-defense in the big city because it's the cops' job to protect you: make them read the story of Joe Lozito, who managed to subdue his would-be killer with his bare hands after being stabbed in the face on an NYC subway car. Then the police showed up.

    But Lozito explained to Cracked.com that the cops were present all along, hiding behind a door during the fight to the death, because they were too afraid to confront the stabber until he had been defeated[.]

    Lozito tried to sue, but it failed: legally, police are not obligated to protect people from harm. You thought otherwise? Read the whole thing.

    [Although if any of the Reagan family were there—including Erin or Linda, even Jack, Sean, or Nicky—I am sure it would have been a different story. Their only drawback is being fictional.]

  • Your Tweet du Jour:

    Background, if necessary, here. There's apparently no Hank Schrader action figure which totally sucks.

    The not-yet-available Gus Fring figure has removable glasses. But, as near as I can tell, not a removable face.

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