Frivolities du Jour - 2015-01-08

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  • Mr. James Lileks is aiming for the aging geek (i.e., my) demographic with his new feature, "Visions of Nerdery", old, invariably garish, paperback covers from Ace Books. The first batch has Murray Leinster, A.E. Van Vogt, Andre Norton, Gordon R. Dickson, and Lewis Padgett/C.L. Moore. Good fun.

    (Examples, from Amazon, on your right.)

  • As a dedicated employee of the IT department of the University Near Here, it was tempting to forward "An Honest Letter From Your I.T. Department" to my boss. Just as a suggestion.


    You’re receiving this message because the I.T. Department is upgrading the software you most use and upon which your productivity entirely depends.

    Although we refer to this as an upgrade, it is, at best, a lateral move. The software does the same things as before, except your favorite features have been moved to a place where you will never find them again. The features you never use, on the other hand, have been assigned keyboard shortcuts that are maddeningly easy to type. For example, “Hide All Menus” (Shift+E) or “Quit Without Saving” (Spacebar).

    There's more, and, well, "it's funny because it's true."

  • Your Tweet du Jour is Iowahawk's comment on the Washington Post's recent "How to find a feminist boyfriend" op-ed:

  • And I thought I would throw in this bit from The Big Bang Theory, which shows why Mayim Bialik deserves to win an Emmy for her portrayal of Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler:

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