Mad Max: Fury Road

[4.0 stars] [IMDb Link] [Amazon Link]

Another summer blockbuster under my belt. Mrs. Salad had other things to do, but I went with Pun Son.

The IMDB raters reckon this (as I type) to be #30 on the top 500 movies of all time. One spot above Casablanca? Five spots above Raiders of the Lost Ark? Eighteen above Gladiator? Please.

But it certainly kept my eyes on the screen.

The story has Max (Tom Hardy, not Mel) in trouble, yet again. He would just as soon wander the toxic wasteland all by his lonesome, of course. But right at the start, he gets grabbed by psychotic warlord "Immortan Joe", doomed to serve as a "blood bag" and eventual organ donor for Joe's elite troops. Fortunately, there's something else going on: the warlord's trusted right-hand, "Imperator Furiosa" (a filthy, bald Charize Theron) has decided to get out from under Joe's thumb, taking his harem with her.

Max more or less volunteers in Furiosa's heroic escape. (A pretty easy choice when the alternative is going back to being a blood bag.) What ensues is some of the most amazing action-packed battle sequences you'll ever see, full of unbelievable stunts and gripping imagery.

It's just not #30, is all.

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