Frivolities du Jour - 2015-08-07

Not the most serious of content for a Friday:

  • Tom Maguire notes the following in the NYT where it is unclear whether the quoted speaker, arguing that all the Trump hoopla will redound to Jeb Bush's benefit, really used the metaphor he wanted:

    “The longer it goes, the greater the panic is going to build,” said Alex Castellanos, a longtime Republican strategist. “And that means you may not have the luxury to flirt with an undeveloped, budding candidate. Trump has set the Republican Party on fire, and if you’re going to put that fire out you don’t have time to waste. You’re going to have to grab the biggest blanket you got and throw it, and right now that’s Jeb.”

    "That's Jeb": a big old wet blanket.

  • Mickey Kaus noted the earnest ad:

    Voxdotcom just announced, “We are looking for a fast-moving, forward-thinking, innovative editor to lead a team of writers focused on gender, sexuality, race, and criminal justice.” The editor would “[c]onceptualize and implement an editorial strategy for the race and identity team.”

    and me laugh with his own ad:

    We’re looking for a defensive, pissed-off editor to lead a team of bitter, underpaid writers to rehash the ideological battles of the 1980s! The editor would conceive, manage and shape this coverage until the entire team quits. Except that there is no team. We weren’t going to tell you that until you showed up, but the cat is out of the bag now.

    More, very funny, at the link.

  • So I understand Jon Stewart has concluded his Long Goodbye, his last show going out over the cables last night. I don't think I ever watched one of the episodes all the way through; you either find his schtick worth watching or you don't, and I didn't.

    I can't find the source now, but a Pun Salad thumbs-up award goes to whoever observed that Stewart never tired of (a) pointing out the stupidity and moral failings of politicians and bureaucrats and (b) advocating that they be given ever-increasing amounts of power and money.

    Anyway, you might like some smart takes from Federalist writers:

    • If you ever wondered how Jon Stewart has enabled the politics of spectacle, John Daniel Davidson may clear things up for you in "How Jon Stewart Has Enabled The Politics Of Spectacle".

    • And Bill McMorris bids "Farewell To Jon Stewart, The Left’s Donald Trump".

      Bill is pretty amusing himself. Noting a particularly egregious example of Stewart idolatry:

      “It’s time for us to stop asking more from him than any one person can be expected to give,” Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu writes. Substitute L. Ron Hubbard for Jon Stewart, and you have a John Travolta op-ed.

    In Time (of all places), Karol Markowicz says: "Thanks, Jon Stewart, for Making Us All Dumber." Sarcasm, I think.

    Finally, ReasonTV has…

    Just five? Well, they like to keep the videos short.

  • At the CEI blog, Michelle Minton and Gregory Conko ask and answer the question: "What Happens an Hour After Drinking Locally Sourced, Sustainable, Organic Kale Juice?" It's not a pretty picture, Emily.

  • And at, Rob Waugh asks: "Is the Large Hadron Collider going to summon the Antichrist next month?" No spoilers here!

    Consumer note: You always can check the world-destroying status of the LHC here: