Some Quick Clicks

  • Matthew Hoy does a great job of holding Paul Krugman's feet to the fire: where are the "stepts to strengthen" the Social Security program Krugman promised to reveal a couple months back?
  • A few years ago, in a Usenet post, I referred to "The Undying Theology of the Idolators of the State". This was a rather ill-tempered post where I responded to someone who "knew" with no evidence whatsoever that the problems of inner-city schools could be solved by throwing more money at them. Don Boudreaux of Cafe Hayek makes a simiar point about a similar Deep Thinker who "knows" that government programs can be designed to make us all happier.
  • Andrew Sullivan has a refreshingly direct broadside against the progressive income tax (see "The Opportunity Missed"), and he's disappointed that Bush chose to emphasize Social Security reform over pushing for a flat (or at least flatter) income tax structure. He's right: people should benefit equally from the results of their own responsibility and work.
  • Ann Althouse has an eminently sensible post tying together Ward Churchill, Robert Byrd, and the Soup Nazi.
  • LWN has an interesting article on "Secret Answer" password-reset systems, triggered by a breakin to Paris Hilton's T-Mobile account. Key quote:

    … how was Paris Hilton's T-Mobile account cracked? … Apparently T-Mobile's site has a "secret answer" mechanism for people who forget their passwords. Ms Hilton's "secret answer" was her dog's name.

    And there are probably only a few hundred websites where you can discover Paris Hilton's dog's name. But if you don't want to go to the bother: "Tinkerbell"

    More details, with a link to a picture of Paris and Tinkerbell here.

    How much do you want to bet that Paris's new secret answer is only marginally tougher than her old one?

  • Via BBspot, Jay Pinkerton's revisionist history of Superman's origin is just pretty darn funny, but only look if you're not offended by very bad words uttered by cartoon characters.
  • I've added a link to Shawn Macomber's Return of the Primitive website over there on the right. Shawn is very cool, occasionally writes for our local paper, and all that is made more remarkable by being a graduate of the University of New Hampshire.

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