URLs Du Jour (3/8/2005)

  • Via The Volokh Conspiracy, a quiz to see how well you can distinguish programming language inventors from serial killers. That's a very important skill to develop.
  • An exceptionally good Reason Express this week.
  • In the middle of a decent article on National Review Online, Rich Lowry invokes the word "glückschmerz", which is (apparently) the flipside of "schadenfreude". I did not know that. So naturally, I Google it; up comes an old post from Meryl Yourish. Amusingly, she noticed all the new Google-referred hits on her website, almost certainly caused by the Lowry article. So, for would-be pedants:

    finding joy in someone else's misfortune
    finding pain in someone else's happiness

    You can learn something every day if you try. (I also learned the HTML coding for ü, so that's two things, I guess.)

  • Via InstaPundit, John Farrell reminds me why I stopped my Boston Globe delivery.
  • And, oh yeah: We're all gonna die. But try to find that in the Boston Globe.

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