URLs Du Jour (3/29/2005)

  • Slate has the must-read kausfiles, but otherwise is a den of liberal snarkiness. However, this article on commercial voiceovers is interesting and funny.
  • Boston Globe columnist Cathy Young's usual recipe for assembling an article is to point with disdain to loopy rhetoric on both sides of an issue, going "tsk, tsk." She breaks the mold this week, somehow only finding the let-Terri-Schiavo-live side guilty. If she couldn't find overheated rhetoric on the other side, she wasn't trying very hard.
  • Virginia Postrel posts an article titled "Why I Don't Blog A Lot". That's OK; the article to which she refers is here, and it's certainly an argument for quality over quantity.
  • Virginia could, of course, try checking out the Secrets of the SuperBloggers. As for me, I noticed the fine print:

    NOTE: Some of the e-books in the Secrets of the Super Bloggers bundle are in .EXE format. As such, this package is recommended for PC users only.

    … so I was able to avoid temptation.

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