URLs Du Jour (04/18/2005)

  • Why buy one of those expensive travel books that purport to give you the inside scoop on how to get around Walt Disney World? On Tech Central Station, Douglas Kern provides a good short guide containing everything you need to know, and it's free.
  • Matt Labash of The Weekly Standard has a hangs out with Professor Ward Churchill, the ethnic studies professor from the University of Colorado-Boulder.
    He insults my helter-skelter interview techniques, and questions whether I know anything about history. I insult his books, suggesting real scholars cite people other than Noam Chomsky and Ramsey Clark in their footnotes. Twice, Churchill storms out as if he's ended the interview (in fact, he just needed a Pall Mall). After growing frustrated at my increasingly frequent interjections, as I attempt to turn his dreary monologues into robust dialogues, he grabs my tape recorder once, and lunges for it another time, before I tell him to step back. When I follow him outside for a smoke break, he grows so frustrated at what he regards as my complete ignorance that he commands me to turn off my tape recorder, orders us off the record, and engages me in an exchange that journalistic convention forbids me to report, but which involves lots of colorful language on both sides.

    Fascinating stuff you just won't get elsewhere. Read the whole thing, and especially the last six or so paragraphs.

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